Matt E. Ryan

I have a number of interests outside of economics-- really! Pictures, links and the like to be added over the weeks...

- I love baseball. Since I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm an Oakland A's fan. I also played and coached high school baseball at Menlo School.

- I love mountain biking, and West Virginia is a great place to ride. Pictures of the bike soon to come!

- I collect concert posters, though I have become a bit less avid over the last few years. Nonetheless, I still benefit from my prior interest since I've got lots of great art to look at! I'm in the process of putting together a page of my collection, so that may show up in the (hopefully) near future.

- I have a guitar and a ukelele that I enjoy playing (poorly). Like the concert posters, the time I spend playing my instruments has decreased in recent years, but they're still a great break from working.

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